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All content on this site is copyrighted and no copyright infringement is intended for any part of the work posted on this site. We do not infringe copyrights and if you find any material on this site infringing upon the rights of any party, do inform us through email and we would be more than happy to check and correct it.

Similarly we expect the same from all our visitors and friends to not indulge in any infringement acts as it may have legal repercussions. All copyrighted material is open for legal use by legally aquiring the rights from crazyfolio or if you have already aquired rights from the original copyright owner of the content.

Please respect creativity and intellectual property rights. 

Let's create a world where no one takes advantage of the law by being an opportunist but instead focus on being a good citizen and informing if any incorrect material is found posted mistakenly on the site and letting us take any corrective measures required instantly.

Any material available on the site is not to be stored in any manner  without permission for any purpose.

Any reference image used for generalised social media promotion or our site's promotion requires our credits to be reproduced along with our works.

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